Fife Feature Photos

FifeWeather has teamed up with Fife-based photographer Simon Swales, to bring you stunning landscape photographs of Fife and the surrounding area.

A big thanks to Simon for posting his images for us to enjoy! You can view more of Simon's images on his new website, and on his flickr Photostream. If you are on twitter, you can follow Simon too.

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Web Caught

Taken on October 1, 2015

Spider's webs in the sunlight. Devilla Forest, Fife.

Simon Swales


Taken on August 25, 2015

Virgin Square, St Monans, East Neuk, Fife. Parked cars usually detract from the scene....but not this time. Used a Tilt/Shift lens, shifted upwards to keep everything true. No filters, no Photoshop, just a customised RAW file.

Simon Swales

Above Us Only Sky (9)

Taken on August 25, 2015

Was working in the East Neuk on Tuesday. Grabbed this quick shot on the way home above Kinghorn.

Simon Swales

Dummie Run

Taken on September 5, 2015

Another from a circuit around the Cleish Hills on Saturday evening. The north facing slopes are in deep shade and above the hill fort of Dummiefarline the sun has just set. Over exposed this by +2 stops then manually blended in the sky from three further exposures in different amounts to preserve the highlights.

Simon Swales

Line Caught

Taken on August 25, 2015

Washing day. Skinfast Haven / Cellardyke harbour, East Neuk, Fife.

Simon Swales

Pastel Sunrise

Taken on September 5, 2015

Sunrise + 10 mins this morning at a field near Cairneyhill, Fife.

Simon Swales

Moody Monans

Taken on August 2, 2015

St Monans, East Neuk, Fife. Threatening skies behind and a Lee Big Stopper has extended the exposure to accentuate the reflections.

Simon Swales

Exit Stage Left

Taken on August 16, 2015

Pittenweem harbour, East Neuk, Fife. Repairing the breakwater at Pittenweem following damage caused by winter storms.

Simon Swales

Above Us Only Sky 8

Taken on July 29, 2015

West Lomond, Fife and Bishop Hill, Perthshire from the Ochil Hills.

Simon Swales

Storm Light

Taken on August 2, 2015

Along the east pier, St Monans harbour, East Neuk, Fife. Just after high tide. A Lee Big Stopper filter was used to increase the exposure and introduce some reflections from the whitewashed buildings along Mid Shore. The water is turquoise in this part of the harbour due to the concrete slipway. The boat tied up on the right has been holed below the waterline and is partly submerged.

Simon Swales


WeatherCam Previews

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Lochgelly WeatherCam Preview

Aberdour WeatherCam Preview

Anstruther WeatherCam Preview

Forth View:
Forth View WeatherCam Preview

St Andrews:
St Andrews WeatherCam Preview

Upper Largo:
Upper Largo WeatherCam Preview

St Andrews SkyCam:
St Andrews SkyCam Preview

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