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FifeWeather has teamed up with Fife-based photographer Simon Swales, to bring you stunning landscape photographs of Fife and the surrounding area.

A big thanks to Simon for posting his images for us to enjoy! You can view more of Simon's images on his new website, and on his flickr Photostream. If you are on twitter, you can follow Simon too.

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Taken on July 29, 2015

Eastwards towards Benarty Hill on the Fife/Perthshire border. Was a good sky yesterday afternoon so did a mini-tour of the old county of Kinross-shire and came back with more keepers than I was expecting. This was the first stop, just off the M90 motorway.

Simon Swales


Taken on July 6, 2014

In a glade along the minor road that runs below the Cleish Hills. The low sun was backlighting the scene and the sky was full of rainclouds. In the distance is West Lomond, the highest point in Fife.

Simon Swales

The Pool

Taken on April 19, 2015

THE POOL - Outdoor Photography; Natural Light Challenge - Winning Image

Outdoor Photography Issue 194 August 2015 Winning Image for their "If you only do one thing this month...photographic challenge".

On the summit of Goatfell, Isle of Arran. With sunset approaching North Goatfell is lit by the sun. Came across this tiny pool whilst exploring the summit earlier in the evening.

Read my "Behind the Shot" blog which I was invited to write by WEX Photographic for their #WexMondays competition on Twitter.

Simon Swales

Note from editor: We know this week's image is not from Fife, but it was such a beautiful photograph from Simon, we thought a brief departure from Fife's borders could be forgiven. :)

Nights Of Thunder

Taken on July 3, 2015

Sunset last night in western Fife before the thunder storms started in the early hours. Used one of the Fuji X prime lenses for this mini-session and focused manually. Went for the Fuji Provia film simulation pre-set when developing the RAW.

Simon Swales

The Defender

Taken on April 1, 2012

Drove out to Pittenweem and spent an hour on the pier as dusk descended. Gave the fish eye lens an airing which gives a full 180ยบ of view and gives everything the bends. I set up about a metre behind the landie. Possibly the sharpest lens I have and I really should use it more than I do. Best viewed at the Original Size if you have time. 30 secs / f/11 / 15mm fisheye / ISO100 / no filters

Simon Swales

Road To Nowhere

Taken on May 18, 2015

Ends at Crombie Point on the inner Firth of Forth. Thanks for viewing.

Simon Swales

Above Us Only Sky 5

Taken on June 4, 2015

The minor road to Crombie Point, Crombie, Fife, in the hour leading to sunset. I keep re-visiting this spot which is less than a mile from home. Get something different each time.

Simon Swales

Branch Line

Another from a field very local to my home in Fife from a couple of weeks ago. A manual blend of 3 frames and Kodachrome film simulation applied.

Simon Swales

The poppy field, Pattiesmuir, Fife

Out on more business meetings today. Got this on the way back to the depot. The poppies seem to be growing amongst the oil seed rape. It's quite spectacular. Panorama stitched from 4 photographs, handheld. Good in the light box.

Simon Swales

Below Bankhead

Corner of A985 and minor road to Crombie Point, Fife, about a mile from home. Rain clouds being lit by the sun about 30 mins before sunset.

Simon Swales


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