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Data Feed Last Updated
Main/Bulk Data File 12/07/2020 8:30:31
Realtime Data Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:31
Lochgelly WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:31
Aberdour WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:36
Anstruther WeatherCam Feed 04/07/2020 22:01:49
Forth View WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:37
St Andrews WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:31
Upper Largo WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:34:35
St Andrews Skycam WeatherCam Feed 12/07/2020 8:08:14
Sensor Status Data (table below) 12/07/2020 8:34:30


Weather Station Sensor Description Assigned Last Seen
Davis VP2 Thermo/Hygrometer Yes (ID: 0) 12/07/2020 8:34:06
Davis VP2 Anemometer/Wind Vane Yes (ID: 0) 12/07/2020 8:34:28
Davis VP2 Rain Gauge Yes (ID: 0) 12/07/2020 8:33:54
Davis VP2 Thermo/Hygro/Barometer Yes (ID: 0) 12/07/2020 8:33:54


NOTE: Unassigned/Unused sensors do not feed data to the FifeWeather.co.uk website, and their status will not affect the site's performance.

Colour Key:

Green Data seen within the last 10 minutes (sensor operating within limits).
Orange Data not seen for more than 10 minutes - (sensor still within timeout limits but indicates possible pending failure, if absence of new data continues).
Red Data not seen for more than 15 minutes - indicative of sensor failure.


WeatherCam Previews

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Lochgelly WeatherCam Preview

Aberdour WeatherCam Preview

Anstruther WeatherCam Preview

Forth View:
Forth View WeatherCam Preview

St Andrews:
St Andrews WeatherCam Preview

Upper Largo:
Upper Largo WeatherCam Preview

St Andrews SkyCam:
St Andrews SkyCam Preview

Fife Weather Warnings

There are currently no Met Office weather warnings issued for Fife.

Status Of Fife Bridges

Queensferry Crossing:

--- Open ---
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Stay Safe
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Forth Road Bridge:
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Contraflow in operation

Forth road bridge
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Tay Road Bridge: