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Lochgelly Cam

This WeatherCam is located at the FifeWeather station at Lochgelly and points 310°NW towards Loch Ore and Benarty Hill.

You can view a history of today's weathercam images, or browse the time-lapse video library using the WeatherCam menu to the left.

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Aberdour Cam

Our Aberdour WeatherCam went live on October the 10th 2014, and brings stunning views from the Firth of Forth. The camera points due East from Aberdour, towards Burntisland. The Craigkelly TV trasmitter tower, located above Burntisland, can be made out on the very left side of frame, whilst the Island of Inchkeith borders the right hand side of frame.

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Anstruther Cam

Our brand new Anstruther WeatherCam went live on November 20th, 2014, and brings the picturesque Anstruther harbour to the Internet. The camera faces due South, overlooking the harbour. Our sincere thanks to the Scottish Fisheries Museum, for accomodating this weathercam.

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Scottish Fisheries Museum

Live Video Streams

Below is our new live video weathercam viewer. The live video views do not have the weather data overlay, but they does boast a full 25 frames-per-second live video feed from our Lochgelly and Aberdour weathercams, also operating 24x7.

Lochgelly Timelapse Video - 31 July 2015

Aberdour Timelapse Video - 1 August 2015

Anstruther Timelapse Video - 1 August 2015

More time-lapse videos.