I thought I had better explain why, at this time of year when we're getting a bit of snow, the weather station occasionally reports rain, when the weathercam is showing clear blue sky! 

The explanation is simply snow-melt.  

The rain-gauge works by capturing rain in a large funnel.  Of course, this also means it captures snow, which, at sub-zero temps, sits and gradually builds up in the rain-gauge's inlet funnel.  It will often sit there for a period of time (sometimes days or even weeks if it stays cold), until the ambient temps get warm enough for it to start to melt. At that point, the melting snow runs down into the gauge as water, and starts to register as "rain".

So don't be alarmed if you see the website reporting "rain" when the weathercam is showing clear-blue skies, as this is almost certainly the reason why!


WeatherCam Previews

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Lochgelly WeatherCam Preview

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